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When to use these tests?

These tests can be used in camps, in trials, in practice and in pre draft camps.
These tests can also be used to upgrade an All Star Game.
These tests can be helpful to teach the final minutes of a game.
These tests can be used to teach Selective Shooting and Rebounding, to teach the Passing-Denial Game, to teach the Pressing Game.
These tests can be used to compare and evaluate the performance of all different types of players, the positional statistics.
With these tests you can calculate the player’s offensive index (karat) and a defensive index within the tested team. You can define his alloy.

In the Theory and Science of Basketball by John Cooper and Daryl Siedentop we read on page 118: “Someday, some diligent and competent investigator might develop a test battery that could accurately predict basketball playing ability within a somewhat homogenous group, but no test exists today that even approaches this standard of predictive validity…
All candidates for a team should be given a chance to perform in a competitive, full-court game situation…”  They wrote it in 1969.

You always have a big testing problem when a player hurts himself in the process of the performance evaluation. You can not replace a player correctly during the test.