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Matchup and Pair Up in Evaluation Test 10

10 players, 5 against 5, 10 games

With the help of a structured 10 game battery we can boil down the performance value of every of the 10 basketball players into a single number. In this way we construct a perfect mathematically adjusted battery with every player playing the same time more with every player than against every other player. We construct and calculate this with the same total playing time as in the played test battery. With the adjusted mathematical battery, we can evaluate the performance as in the tests of 8, 9, 11 and 12 players.


In the evaluation with position adjustment of similar players against each other we have the matchup test. Here in the matchup of the involved players, they are playing 6 times against and 4 times with every of the 8 other players. That separates them with a higher correlation.

The compared players are playing against every of the other 8 players exactly the same number of times and minutes, this gives them the same quality of opposition.
Both compared players are also playing with every of the other 8 players the same amount of time or minutes, so they have the same time shared, giving them the same quality of help.
Now we can compare exactly the player with his counterpart.

Pair Up

The Evaluation Test 10 is also an evaluation of the performance of the 10 players settled in 5 paired up couples, with the coupled players playing each time 8 games with and 2 gamesĀ  against their paired up player. It is a test battery with 5 Pair Ups of players.
We can select, matchup and pair up in this three way test.

You can download all necessary files here.


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