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Matchup and Evaluation Test 12

The Olympic test. This is a test with the highest separation and correlation in the six played matchups.

With the help of a structured 12 game battery and math we can boil down the performance value of every of the 12 basketball players into a single number. In this way we construct a perfect mathematic battery with every player playing the same time more with every player than against every other player. We construct and calculate this with the same total playing time as in the played test battery. With the constructed mathematic battery we can evaluate everything like in the tests of 8, 9, 10 or 11 players and have the matchups as an extra.


We let 12 players fight for their positions in 12 short 4 minutes games, every player plays 0 games with and 8 games against their counterpart. Every player plays 10 games and rests 2.

For a correct Evaluation Test you need to separate every player with the same separation period. We construct the test so that every player plays the same time (more) against any other player, as he plays with any other player. When we do this with the six duels 6 times, the total result gives us a perfect Evaluation Test 12 for the 12 players.
Every player now has the same separation period.
This results in a the matchup evaluation of the performance with a very wide separation period 8 short games against 0 and also a general evaluation of 12 players.
By using this last dynamic evaluation method, test 12 with that high correlation, you are able to make head-to-head counterpart comparisons with a complete scan of the important stats of the involved players in your team.

You can download all necessary files here.