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Evaluation Test 11

The first Evaluation Test is the test with eleven players, who are playing 5 against 5 with each time another player resting in every of the eleven 4 minutes games.
This is a structured and systematic battery of basketball games and consists of a programmed series of 11 games played each time between two different combinations of 5 players taken out of a group of 11 players. After the cycle of 11 games, each player has played an equal number of minutes against, and another equal number of minutes with each of his teammates. The sum of the team results obtained in this cycle of games shows the individual relative performance of each player, in opposition to the other players.
The same type of structured test batteries are constructed for 8, 9, 10 and 12 players.
With the help of a Manual (PDF format) and the Scouting Sheet (PDF format) we noteĀ  down the necessary statistical information during the short games.

You can download all necessary files here.