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What happened with the assist?

Basketball is a team game. We want to give the right credit for team success or failure.
How much each offensive (defensive) contribution improves the team’s numbers of scored (against) or missed points? Who shares in the creating of a successful (or missed) shot?

We always have an offensive and a defensive side in the statistics of the Box Score.
Points scored and points allowed.
The good and the missed shots.
The turnovers and the steals.
The offensive and the defensive rebounds.
The blocked shots and the blocked attempts (blocks against).
Personal fouls and drawn fouls.
The + and - stats of the net points.

What happened with the defensive aspect of the assist?
Just like the offense is much better covered in the box score than the defense, so really forgotten in the box score are the defended assists and the free throw assists.

We have to redefine the assist : the number of the assisted points (APT) per assist possession (AP) by an individual. Today we are only getting the field goals made assist totals, we do not know who is winning the assist defense or the assist offense.
An Assist Possession (AP) is a potential pass that leads to a (try for a) basket.
Example of stat line where apt-ap stands for assisted points – assist possession:

Starters min fg 3pt ft +/- off reb apt-ap to stl bs ba pf df pts
K. Bryant 37:26 10-21 2-5 5-6 +6 2 6 15-13 3 2 1 1 3 5 27 

There are +/- as many failed assists (defended assists = no points), as there are good assists. We are only capturing a part of the quantity of the assist part of basketball and not the quality. The assists transforming in free throws are generating better offense. Just like a successful assisted 3 pointer.
They are assisted points and when missed, defended assists possessions.
We have to measure the individual offensive and defensive contributions better.

We determine that the today assist totals stand only for FGM. Imagine: you do not even know the number of Field Goals Attempts, nor the number of 3PT, nothing about FT, nor the number of points scored and points allowed, nor the number of the possessions.
You are poorly informed with the game charting with only this limited insight in assists.

We also try to upgrade the defended part of box-score: when the defense is strong, we have a big defended assist correlation. We have to cover each AP with a credit of the offensive assist or a debit for the defended assist to balance the judgment.