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The issue of Subjectivity is there also with the assist

A lay up without an assist is honored with 2 points, not less than the same field goal with a recorded assist.

The assist is not generating extra points, by rule, but helping, like assisting can generate or produce points for the team. That last pass was converted in an assist and a field goal and that was the best thing the passer could do.

Does the passer deserve some credit from the shot or shooter? You can not have two players, the shooter and the assister, credited with more points. Can we split out the possession credit between passer and shooter and other players opening or spreading the defense by pacing, cutting, screening, clearing out, positioning or threatening? Do we split the assists by the passing location or the shooting location?

Giving extra points or taking away part of the points from the scorer not only looks very subjective and arbitrary. What with a steal and the breakaway score? Is the stealer assisting himself? Is a put back an assist for the offensive rebounder? Aren’t we assisting only in offense and helping in defense, is that not assisting, in many other ways?

Is Karl Malone’s pick a potential assist for Stockton’s last dribble, and is that potential pass from Stockton to the Rolling St… Malone another potential assist? And why not account a defensive assist, when Rodman is successfully assisting by hedging towards Stockton, with the extra help from Pippen’s positioning, making it difficult to lob to Malone.
The correct help with positioning from the near Harper and the deep protection of Kukoc gives Jordan finally the opportunity to surprise and steal the ball and change the possession.

Can we split the defensive assisting in every of the 4 helping players: each 25%?
Or 40% to Rodman, 30 % to Pippen, 20 % to Harper and 10 % to Kukoc?

Both are subjective, arbitrary, unrealistic, superfluous and wrong milking efforts, cut into bits.
Every player has his job in the defensive assisting. Assisting in offense and defense are very important stats, but they are already boiled down and consummated in the evaluation fraction.

Assists can be biased by (home) scorekeepers. The score or the possession stats are much more objective, because a shot and rebound, or a steal and turnover always results in a new possession and the points are the points. Do not strip, split or manipulate the objective stats. Not all the good shots are awarded an assist. Defensive assists are completely ignored.
Then you have borderline assists and scorekeepers who are generous in awarding assists or have some favoritism. How can you interpret and value them correctly?