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The Box Score gives us very important statistic information

Leadership, team spirit, play calling, verbal directions in offense and defense, motivation, mismatches, matchups, pair ups, garbage time, fatigue, tempo, faking, height, quickness, endurance, condition, patience, shot selection, shot creation, ball movements, movements away from the ball, screening away, hedging, backdoor, cutting, pick and roll, ball denial, passing lanes, penetration, helping from the weak side, double and triple teaming, charges called and drawn, rotations, hustle, intensity, forcing bad shots, switching, lockdown defense, defensive and offensive positioning, zones, pacing, clear out, post-up, being on the right place on the right time, changes in the offense or the defense, boxing out, plays, all types of defense or offense or pressure, intimidation, the offensive and defensive transitions, reading the offense, scanning and reading the defense, threatening, home court, refs, chemistry, going to the line, mental strengths and weaknesses, rebounding maneuvers, player-interaction effects and more tangibles and intangibles...

are generating team interactions and adding + - performance value to a team but are not reflected or poorly recorded elements. They are the absent pieces of the basketball puzzle in the Table of the Box Score, others are sometimes subjective measurements.

There is only one good scientific way to put and evaluate the performance of all these factors together : evaluating the performance of the individuals with their team results.

That are real limitations to make good scientific evaluations of the basketball performance using the box score. How much objective weight do we have to assign to each variable?
That is very complex because every factor is not of equal importance.

We can not construct a basketball performance evaluation to a correct single number with the help of (so many) tricky variables. We do not use the inevitably arbitrary algorithms!

Not every factor of information in the list, even these of the box score, is generating stopped or scored basketball points, nor is every factor generating possessions.

They influence each other in the flows of decision making on the court and come and disappear, not picked up in the milking of the game and are not dropped in the basket of the box score, like ball denial or defensive positioning. We cannot correctly quantify the impact of those subjective elements scientificly for every individual player, only arbitrary!

Not even the assists, shot blocking or fouls are helping the validity of a model of the basketball performance evaluation or making it theoretically scientific and objectively sound.

Only the score, the team points scored/allowed and the several team possessions, active and passive, are objective and scientific useful team criteria. Other data: assist, foul, blocking and many variables (see list), are influencing or are already incorporated in the points and in the possessions. They are boiled down and consummated in the team concept evaluation fraction.