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Rodman’s strip-tease

What presented Rodman in his fourth Play Off game?
8 points and 6 FGA + 0 FTA +1 TO = 7 possessions – 8 OR
That gives 8 /  -  1  =  $§£&@tilt as an offensive evaluation.

Did the recidivist strip the box score of his last Play Off Game?
9 points and 9 FGA + 0.44 x 3 = 1.32 FTpos.+ 0 TO = 10.32 possessions - 11 OR.
That gives 9/ - 0.68 = again $§£&@tilt

Total offense and total defense are stripped by Rodman as individual box score evaluations.
Rodman threatened to strip naked in his finals from the NBA. And yes, he did. His offensive rebounding performance more than stripped his game possessions of the box score.

In games 4 and 6, Rodman and his offensive evaluation jumped out of the box score,
no surprise, but Dennis crashed the mathematics of the individual box score too.
This unscrupulous and turbulent agitator presented once again another big problem, but now with his basketball math solutions, and resolved it his way: with the mathematical exclusion (typical Dennis) of the individual evaluation system based on the box score numbers of individual possessions.

Dividing by a negative number is the absurdity of an individual box score evaluation.
Rodman and his math of indirect demonstration proved here you can not use the individual box score concept in this way to evaluate the individual offense with points and possessions.

An assertive observer tried that 1 or 2 games are a small basis.
Correct: 1 or 2 games are a small basis. Wrong: this foundation is still a mistake.

The 1996, 1997 and 1998 seasons resulted again in Rodman’s aberrational offensive numbers.

1996  2088 min  351 pts  304 FGA 106 x 0.44  = 46.64 FTpos. + 138 TO =  488.64 – 356 OR.
1997  1947 min  311 pts  286 FGA   88 x 0.44  = 38.72 FTpos. + 111 TO =  435.72 – 320 OR.
1998  2856 min  375 pts  360 FGA 111 x 0.44  = 48.84 FTpos. + 147 TO =  555.84 – 421 OR.

Rodman’s evaluations in offense:      
1996     351  /  132.64  =  2.6463     
1997     311  /  115.72  =  2.6875        
1998     375  /  134.84  =  2.7811

To compare with Jordan’s numbers: 
1996   =   1.1384   
1997   =   1.1058   
1998   =   1.0405
In the box score concept, the individual personal numbers of FGA + FTpos. x 0.44 + TO are used to calculate the individual personal possessions, but we are counting the OR taken on missed shots of the whole team.
In the whole method of evaluation, we count the active and passive possessions (with OR) of the team, then subtract the OR. Impossible to have a Rodman strip-tease.

Now the mistake: We mix the individual concept elements (splitting individual possessions and splitting points) with the results of team concept elements (offensive rebounds of the team and offensive rebounding opportunities). You are stripping missed FGA with offensive rebounds.

We subtract the number of offensive rebounds from the missed shots, an inconvertible number, thinking that the number of offensive rebounds is born as an independent individual and a convertible possession number. That is not logical in the evaluation of the performance, a wrong foundation and a misapplication.
An offensive rebound is an active possession, but an active possession is not an offensive rebound.
What about the team rebounds in offense and defense? You always have to use the logic of the integral team concept because you never have a math or logic problem with the whole team concept evaluation of the performance presented here in the tests.

Points are scored in a team concept, possessions are also obtained in a team concept and offensive rebounding is a team concept. It is also a team concept with the defensive ratings.
Even Rodman is totally under control of the mathematics and the logic of the team concept.
Giving or splitting points for assists, stripping and splitting points for offensive rebounds, stripping and splitting points for allowed offensive rebounds, splitting or transferring points for defensive interactions and splitting points for the difficulties is wandering naked in the labyrinth, cut into bits of the Milky Way of the individual basketball evaluations.
It is introducing a lot of subjectivity instead of science.

They are all disappearing in the Black Hole horizon of the basketball universe.