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On the catwalk of the basketball evaluations, you may not strip

We never define a sequence with an offensive rebound as one continuous possession.
We never strip an offensive rebound for a stripped missed shot in an evaluation.
We always count every offensive rebound as a new active possession.


When in a game after a missed shot, the offensive rebounder is fouled in his shooting act, the coach of the offense can substitute (even more players), then a good free throw shot (FT) can be followed by a last of a series missed FT and an offensive rebound, get fouled, substitute again, miss the last FT etc. If this is still one continuous possession, you evaluate a player or players as a part of an action without being on the court with that team. This is an obvious evaluation error. A missed shot or FT is followed by an offensive or defensive rebound and every rebound or every missed shot activates a new active possession.

We respect the nature of every action, possession, shot or offensive rebound, because we try to evaluate these skills. When you evaluate the offensive rebounds and the missed shots as one continuous possession (stripping shots and offensive rebounds to one possession), then your statistics are no longer useful to measure quality or to evaluate the performance.

An offensive rebound is an active possession, but an active possession is not an offensive rebound.
In an equation, any same quantity can be subtracted from both sides. You can subtract two points on both sides, you can subtract missed shots on both sides. In a box score equation, possessions do not keep track of the extra plays, resulting from offensive rebounds.

Player A turned the ball over and team mate B stole it back, you can strip both, if the steal = the turnover, in your team equations. A game is going into overtime, you can strip the 4 quarters in the team equations, if they are equal. You can also strip in the overtime equations. Your individual and team evaluations are naked, you are not evaluating. Only in a team evaluation you can subtract the team offensive rebounds from the offensive rebounds of the team possessions.

Shooting 1/1 or 1/3 (with 2 offensive rebounds and 2 extra missed shots): in an equation you can strip the 2 offensive rebounds and the 2 missed shots. If a missed shot = offensive rebound, than you have 1/1 and 1/1, of course you can strip again. If… . 0 is also equal to 0.
The math is uncontestedly right.

In an evaluation, a lost possession is not equal to a missed shot, because the lost possession can also be a turnover or a “missing” shot (not or too late taken) when the time is expiring.

In our skill evaluation, the offenses are not equal. The offensive rebounding is not equal and the skill defenses are not equal. The total offense and the total defense are equal.
A missed shot can be a missed  2 or 3 point shot and bonus. A team offensive rebound is convertible in a team possession concerning a team equation or a team evaluation. It is an active possession.
An offensive rebound is not convertible in a (missed) shot for the sake of an evaluation.
In the offensive and defensive evaluations formulae we count the active (with the offensive rebounds in the active possessions) and passive possessions first, then we do the subtraction of the offensive rebounds.
The offensive rebounds are counted in the possessions numbers and subtracted from that number. We strip offensive rebounds for offensive rebounds in our team evaluation.