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Counting possessions

Turnover occurs when a team, after gaining control over the ball or having been entitled to the ball, could not produce a try for goal (field or free throw), but makes some type of mistake that turned the ball over to the opponent, that is an active change of possession.

We can “estimate” the team total of the possessions using the stat line in the box score. But sometimes the total possessions do not include opening tip-offs or time running out before you can shoot. Or we have cases with a good free throw bonus after a good but fouled 2 pointer and an extra free throw. A bonus following a good but fouled 3 pointer, together generating 4 points out of only 1 possession.

We always prefer the exact real time counting, above the estimation of possessions like:

(Active + Passive Possession) = P = FGA + 0.44 x FTA + TO (with stripped OR?)

The exact counting is essential to succeed with the necessary individual team evaluation numbers.

Only this way every player gets the exact number of possessions, offensive rebounds and the correct (possession) evaluations when the player was on the court.