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A new evaluating tool was born

We have to find a structured test battery to evaluate the performance and separate all the players the same way or we have to find a more specific test battery testing similar types of players against each other, point guard against point guard, shooting guard against shooting guard, small forward against small forward, power forward against power forward and center against center, etc. So we can evaluate the performance (separate) and motivate every player.

For the evaluation of all the players in the same way, we have the Evaluation Tests.
We did the first Evaluation Test 11 in 1976 and have sent the model to top coaches like Bobby Knight, Dean Smith, Jerry Krause and others in 1977.

In 1990 we programmed the computer calculations for the evaluation of individual offense and individual defense, skill offense, skill defense, ball bound and all round, skill score, possession score and offensive rebounding score.

On 11.11.1991, we tested a group of Belgian youngsters born after 1.1.1970. The second best player in this test ended some years later as starter of the national team and the best, point guard Jaumin, was a three time Belgian player of the year in 1995, 1997 and 2006.
In September 1992, we did the test 3 times with a good Belgian basketball team Aalst, now Aalstar. Phoenix Suns player Charles Pittman, 6-8, Maryland 1982, had the 3 best evaluations,  before Darren Queenan, 6-4, Lehigh 1987. The 3 combined results were the most valid ones.

We did those tests many times with all types of players, from youngsters and going to pro’s.
We did tests with 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 players. The offense and defense are having an evaluation with enough correlation between test and retests as proof of its reliability.

Every basketball game is a new game, every test is a new one. Sometimes a team wins by 20 points and loses the next game by 20. It happens regularly and also with dominant teams like Chicago in the 1996 finals (game three 108-86, the next game 86-107) and some results are even more explicit. After a few games we always see a correct trend and a higher correlation.

We can do all individual performance evaluations with team data only, the construction of the tests systematically separates the individuals. The work can be done by one scorekeeper on the Scouting Sheet and a timekeeper. The administration consists only of the registration of team points scored, team active and team passive possessions and team offensive rebounds, this is only 10% of the work done in the classic box score of a game. Players use reversibles or 2 shirts with a different team color and can not foul out. The games are led by referees